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From blog to quarterly publication: Therapies Magazine broadens its impact


Therapies Magazine is delighted to announce a crucial step in its editorial journey. From today, our magazine will move from a bi-monthly publication to a quarterly format. This marks a significant step forward from our humble beginnings as a blog driven by a simple desire to inform. Through this evolution, we have constantly sought to improve our content and target a particular audience.


In the beginning, Therapies Magazine was a pioneering blog, created with a burning passion for delivering quality information to English-speaking expats on the Costa del Sol. Our first issue was a joyful experience, with a light, relaxed tone.


However, we quickly realised that our content could have an even greater impact. The second issue marked a turning point for Therapies Magazine, with a more serious approach and more structured content. The aim was to create a real community through the distribution of the magazine. Our editorial team grew and worked tirelessly to create relevant and informative content, offering a more rewarding experience to our readers.


Our third edition, the most recent to date, has succeeded in leading us to a simple goal: to become the magazine of reference for English-speaking expats on the Costa del Sol, while building a friendly community. This issue has succeeded in targeting a very specific audience, focusing on mental health, well-being, and all forms of alternative therapies. We received positive feedback from passionate readers who praised our ability to capture their attention and inspire them. This success has encouraged us to think about how best to continue to grow and evolve.


That's why we've decided to move to a quarterly publication. This change will allow us to devote more time to research, reflection, and the creation of in-depth articles on the subjects that matter most to our demanding readership. By reducing the frequency of publication, we will be able to provide in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews, and immersive stories that will feed the curiosity of our readers.


We are aware that this change may raise questions, but we would like to reassure our loyal readers. Although our publication will become quarterly, we will continue to strengthen our online presence by regularly publishing exclusive content on our website. We will stay connected and in touch with our community, as well as offer additional articles, relevant news, and lively discussions on social networks.


Therapies Magazine would like to warmly thank its readers for their unconditional support throughout this adventure. We look forward to offering you an even more captivating experience and to continuing to share with you articles that will inform, entertain and inspire.

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