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Aquí encontrará más información sobre mí y los orígenes de Therapies Magazine, ya que todo está relacionado con mi historia personal. 

All About Me

My passion for words ignited at the tender age of two when my sister generously taught me how to read. It was as if a new world unfolded before my eyes, and from that moment on, I voraciously devoured every piece of written material I could lay my hands on. Days were spent in the embrace of the library, where I found solace and endless inspiration. But my love affair with words didn't end there. As a child, I harbored dreams of writing a book, and I would excitedly start writing in pristine new notebooks, only to leave them unfinished. However, when my ambition to write a book seemed elusive, I turned to the realm of music and began composing songs, assuring myself that these projects would be completed within a few short hours.

In addition to my love for art, I developed a profound admiration for the intricacies of the human soul and a passion for forging meaningful social connections.


Throughout the past two decades, my journey has encompassed a diverse array of experiences, ranging from backpacking adventures to engaging in humanitarian work and counseling. These encounters with people have solidified my belief in the transformative power of therapy. I have come to understand that we are not simply physical entities; rather, we are comprised of body, soul, and for some, spirit.


As a journalist, I have had the privilege of working as a freelance writer for numerous magazines in Canada, Switzerland, and Africa since 2001. My professional pursuits have spanned various mediums, including radio broadcasting, leading translation teams, and even serving as the publisher of an NGO's magazine, a role I currently oversee.

Moreover, I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming an author, having written a substantial number of books to date.


In essence, my extensive humanitarian and professional background has exposed me to a multitude of diverse and equally fulfilling approaches to providing care. I have come to realize that there is no singular "way," "truth," or "science" that can encapsulate the complexity of our world, simply because we are all unique individuals. It is with this understanding that we aim to create a unifying space within Therapies Magazine, where all individuals can showcase their work and reach as many people as possible. We firmly believe that there is no single prescribed path to success, and we want you to be aware of this fact.


Therapies Magazine endeavors to be an inclusive platform, allowing everyone to have a voice. So, to all of you, we extend a warm welcome to Therapies Magazine: Solutions for Life!


Once again, welcome!


Tel.: +34 611 79 68 99

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